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10 Dec

On Saturday Adam and I attended a fundraiser for the Indiana Society Foundation.  Bobby was the Keynote speaker, and he was introduced by Gene Keady.  It was truly a once in a lifetime event.

Here is the program from the dinner:



I happened to catch Coach Knight out by the silent auction table (poor guy can’t even go to the bathroom without being accosted for a photo).  I wish I could have told him all that goes through my head when his name comes up  … he is wrapped up in memories of my childhood, particularly surrounding my father.  I have so many memories of his voice on the radio, his show on a local TV channel, hearing his interviews after the games, and heading out to a few farm schools to see potential recruits play.  During several cold nights, heading down with Dad to Butler’s arena to catch the IU game that happened over Christmas break.  Then midnight madness as an IU student and hearing him speak at Assembly Hall.  Shedding tears in Dunn Meadow at the goodbye press conference and getting comforted by one of the forwards on the team (I think George Leach?).  Watching Bobby’s team go to the Final Four without him soon after …

And then watching him do great things at Texas Tech.  And now, occasionally, getting to hear his voice on the TV as a commentator and having to stop and listen.  Yes, to me, Coach Knight is much more than just a winning coach with 3 NCAA championships, an Olympic gold medal, and a true teacher and scholar of the game, who graduated 98% of his kids.

Therefore, this picture really is priceless to me. 🙂

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